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Published: 14th February 2011
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Grain reserves as the country an important strategic, food markets and in maintaining social stability, protect the interests of farmers, to ensure national security assumed a major responsibility. My Government has been the management of food reserves as an important economic task.

Through years of construction, especially in recent years, efforts have been built with Chinese characteristics, and the market economy to adapt to the basic sound of the new government grain reserve system.

First, a larger grain size and increasing trend, with typical Chinese characteristics.

China is a large population, industrialization, rapid urbanization process, food production and supply and demand will become sharp at the same time, agricultural production and management of the subject to mainly small farmers, has long been engaged in food production and operation of farmers the degree of organization is not high, so that grain reserves in China show different characteristics, highlighting the performance of the government to grasp the larger food reserves, while the main food reserve for the government reserve and physical reserve, reserves the size of a steady increase, State management is the focus of government reserves, the government food grain reserves in maintaining market stability and safeguard the interests of farmers and maintenance of national food security has an irreplaceable role.

Second, the type of grain reserves available and the level of sound and beneficial combination of features to play a reserve regulation.

Turnover of grain reserves in accordance with the present, mainly by the Chinese government grain reserves and basic safety are two types of reserve reserve reserve component. In the grain market conditions, this form is required for economic development, can ensure food security needs.

In accordance with the vesting of ownership of grain reserves, the Chinese Government reserves by the central grain reserves and the local grain composed of two levels of reserves. Central point of the current grain storage grain Zhishu Ku quantity, efficiency, effective; provincial grain storage grain storage points followed.

In the current system of economic management, this form is conducive to both central and local levels to mobilize the enthusiasm, responsibility for the implementation of national food security. Regulation of the central grain reserves, the central government the means to cross the grain market and material basis, commissioned by the State Council responsible for the management of grain storage company.

Current vertical central grain reserves management mechanism has been improved, reserve type continuously enriched grain reserves have become the core force control system. After a few years been exploring the establishment of central grain rotation mechanism through purchase and sale each year about 1 / 3 the size of the rotation, the central grain reserves in both quantity and quality, more reliable guarantee. The local grain market, the local government regulatory regions of the main means of food and materials basis, by the local government responsible for the management, is important to ensure protection of regional food security. Local grain composed mainly by the provincial grain, some places still remain below the provincial, city and county reserves, but more by the provincial government Unity Management. As of now, around the provincial governor responsibility system in accordance with the requirements of food, basic local food reserves have been established, more reasonable product structure, and increased grain and oil product reserves and reserves management as well.

Third, the purchase and sale of grain reserves operated by the market, compatible with the market economic system.

Reform through the reserve at this stage of the purchase and sale of grain reserves in China operated by the market, reserves and significant changes in market linkages. Purchase and sale of various stocks in the market to complete the basic set up grain reserves the reasonable working capital reserves system and control system. This reserve system is compatible with the market economic system. Acquisition in grain reserves, the required purchase or directly to the farmers indirectly through a broker to buy raw grain farmers, some of the local purchase orders also carried out for solving the problem of farmers Mailiang provide reliable channels, while reducing the circulation, improve the efficiency of circulation.

Grain reserves Sell There are three channels, one through the wholesale market price in accordance with the principle of smooth auction sales, which is the main channel; Second, through an agreement to sell to the big traders and processing companies, which often use grain rotation; Third, through the processed direct sales to the retailer or group unit of consumption, this form is not yet over.

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